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Leading by Coaching
Leading Change
Leading People in China
Leading Self
Leading Self

A successful leader knows where a company is going, adapts changes and formulates strategies in response to today’s economic uncertainty. Fostering teamwork at all levels requires understanding and managing of oneself. Our program will enhance your ability to embrace change, create self-awareness, affect team awareness, and drive company performance.

- Assess strength and challenges, and provide development direct for increased performance for current or future position
- Coach individual on specific challenges to achieve business and career goals
- Enable senior managers to see new perspective on leadership
- Help talent achieve professional business goals and potentials

Outcomes from attending this course:
- Understand the basic of leadership, motivation and constructive feedback
- Practice and develop skills to create self awareness
- Acquire strategies to identify challenges in leaders own behaviors
- Learn self coaching skills to change behavior
- Adopt latest techniques of changing behavior from biological perspective