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Leading People in China
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Leading People in China

This program Leading People for Foreign Executives gives you the insights you need to become an effective leader in China by learning from the collective wisdom of over 150 senior Chinese executives from multinational companies in China. Through 9 months of extensive interviews and surveys conducted by program host Dana Chan, these Chinese executives gave their feedback, recommendations and lessons learned on how a foreign manager can manage more effectively in China.

This one-day, value-packed course is both insightful and revealing, filled with invaluable lessons for a new or seasoned expatriate executive managing in a Chinese environment.

Who should attend
- "New” expatriate business leaders (in China from 3 months to 2 years)
- Seasoned expatriate managers (in China over 3 years)
- Leaders with operations in China who manage remotely or part-time
- Managers of MNCs and joint ventures
- Managers involved in managing, hiring and retaining Chinese staff

What will I learn
- Understanding of “whys” to reduce frustrations or stress
- Practical advice shared by senior Chinese executives working in MNCs
- Understanding the Chinese mindset to better motivate and retain staff
- Protocols in managing the relationship and building trust
- Practical adjustment in day-to-day leadership style

Enhance leadership effectiveness
- Understand your leadership style as perceived by your Chinese staff
- Learn to avoid common “expat pitfalls” and costly mistakes demonstrated in case studies
- Anticipate potential issues by learning to read situations and act early
- Learn to interpret the Chinese way of thinking and communication
- Broaden your network through small group interaction with fellow expat managers

Course content:
- Briefing of Chinese Context
       ·Business environment and its impact on people
       ·Human resource challenges in China today
- Managing Self
       ·Managing in different cultures, individual thinking preferences
- Communication
       ·Culture difference, views from western and Chinese, adjustments
- Leadership
       ·Expectation of leaders in China, views from Chinese, adjustments
- Organization
       ·Characteristics of 3 types of organizations operating in China
       ·Building organization culture

Your program host: Dana Chan