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Leading by Coaching
Leading Change
Leading People in China
Leading Self
Leading by Coaching

Learning Objectives:

- Understand coaching and its applications for leaders
- Equip leaders with concepts and practical tools for coaching individuals, teams and organization
       ·Individuals: coach for performance, coach for competency, coach for career development, help to identify and
          overcome barriers
       ·Teams: manage conflict, align mission and strategy, change behavior, motivate team, nurture creativity
       ·Organization: lead changes, manage resistance, empower with tools
       ·Self management: understand emotions, manage stress
- Discover and grow coaching style in leaders
- Transform management style and mindset

Course delivery format:
Course delivered through lecture, case studies, instructor guided role-playing, small group discussions, reflection and action plan.

Outcomes from attending the course:
- Identify and avoid the “blind spots” of leadership
- Learn the step by step process and methodology of coaching
- Learn practical tools and models of professional coaching
- Learn to align mission, vision, strategy
- Learn to identify goals and develop strategies to achieve them
- Learn to set the stage and ask the right questions to encourage achievement and performance
- Learn to train our mind and build new behaviors (changing mindset)