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Leading Change
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Leading Change

Whether it is continuous improvement, new technology implementation, acquisition or other organizational changes, a leader’s behavior is the single most important variable in the success or failure of any organization’s change or improvement effort. In our program Leading Change, our experienced facilitators will help you identify cultural or process incompatibility and formulate a plan for leading change.

Who should attend:
- JV Leaders and senior managers
- Leaders of companies experiencing strategic, organizational, technological or cultural change
- Leaders, managers, HR professionals looking to learn about leading and managing change

- Understand change and understand how each party interpret change
- Create a roadmap of alignment for its strategy, expectation and feasibility
- Identify and be prepared for potential issues and challenges
- Build a mechanism for support
- Identify the stages of transition and learn to help employees cope with changes
- Learn the 8 steps to effective change created by John Kotter

What to expect:
Our experienced instructors will facilitate discussions among leaders and teams to:
- Identify areas of change, potential new issues and challenges
- Recognize emotions during change
- Identify initial targets from each stakeholder
- Help set up a change agent network
- Help create a “soft plan” for any change project